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Gastronomía tinerfeña. ¡Siente los sabores de la isla!

By | 18 February, 2015 | 0 comments

The cuisine of Tenerife is part of the cultural identity of its people and the island. This cuisine is rich in ingredients and simple to elaborate. We suggest a traditional gastronomic plan for you to enjoy the charm of the island through the palate.

The appetizer
The most traditional and delicious appetizer of Tenerife are the “papas arrugadas” with “mojo”. The “papas arrugadas” are boiled potatoes served with some “mojo” a sauce made of garlic, oil, salt and herbs. There are two types of “mojo”: the red one with stronger flavor and the green “mojo” which has a softer taste.

The starter
After eating the delicious “papas”, we recommend you to try a traditional Canarian stew. The “rancho canario” or Canarian “ranch” was born in scarcity times and it is one of the most famous and tastiest dishes in the island. It is made of chickpeas, ribs, sausages, potatoes, noodles and vegetables and there are many recipes for this dish. Every house cooks it its own way!

The main course
There are many traditional dishes of Tenerife elaborated with fish thanks to the variety and quality of its seabed. This is the reason why we recommend you to try the “sancocho Canario” a traditional dish made of fish, potatoes and some “mojo” sauce. In addition, gofio (toasted and powdered cereal) is usually kneaded with fish broth and served as a typical accompaniment.

The dessert
The “frangollo” is a very old homemade Canarian dessert that no many people know. It is very traditional of the island and its made of milk, cornflour, lemon, eggs, sugar, raisins and almonds, among others. As it is not very sweet, it matches perfectly with any meal!

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