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El dulce canario por excelencia: el plátano

By | 13 July, 2015 | 0 comments

If we tried to know which fruit is the most likeable, we would conclude the banana is one of the favourites. In Canarian Islands 400.000 tones are cultivated each year, the 60% of European Union total production. From Adrián Hoteles we explain you the qualities of this precious fruit.

Its origin is found in Asian countries like Malasia and India. Its emergence in Canarian Islands arrived through Equatorial Guinea by members of a Portuguese expedition. When its cultivation had been consolidated in the islands, Spanish colonisings introduced it in American lands.

In fact the Canarian Banana is worth gold in cuisine. But it is in other aspects as well. Its farming was the subject of the archipelagos’ economic growing. At the end of 19th century some English companies settled in that region to control the product’s manufacture and the profits towards Europe.

Why the Canarian Banana is different from the other bananas?

Why the Canarian Banana has always succeed? One of the conditions which helps to get an optimal product is the island climate. The non variable temperatures permit the fruit to mature more time within the plant, about 6 months. This double the time of other varieties. Its closeness to the consumer – most of the production is sold at the Iberian Peninsula – is other thing which allow the fruit to rest more time within the plant.

Its black spots are also one of its well-known characteristics. They are the consequence of its maturation. They appear as a result of a hit but they do not change the product’s quality.


The Canarian Banana is really appreciated in all the world cuisine and among high level athletes. This fruit combines a high nutritional values and an exquisite taste. It is a foodstuff which combines with everything. It can be eat as a main food or as a side, be an ingredient of warm or cold dishes, and be part of a cocktail. Moreover it is a source of carbohydrate and it has vitamins B and C, the same quantity as tomato or orange has. It contains three natural sugars (fructose, sucrose and glucose). All of these makes the banana one of the most ideal foodstuff to eat during long term and exhausting works.


Its high rates of potassium, iron and magnesium makes it a good ally to fight illnesses like depression and anaemia. It also helps to control blood pressure and increases the brain and concentration capacity.

The Canarian Banana was catalogue with Protected Geographical Indication in 2013. It is the third fruit most consumed in Spain. Every Spanish eats 11 kilos during the year. Everyone likes it, its price is stable and it can be consumed during whole year. For these reasons, the Canarian Banana is one of the most popular options.

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