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Recopilación de la reforma de Jardines de Nivaria

By | 26 October, 2016 | 0 comments

As we informed in our previous post about the reopening of the Jardines de Nivaria Hotel, we have reopened our doors and we’re very excited! For this reason we have prepared the next compilation to assess the final result.

The Jardines de Nivaria Hotel in Costa Adeje closed its doors in May. Since then, there have been five months of extensive refurbishment to improve completely all the facilities. The total investment has been about 13.5 million euro.


Through previous posts we have shown how the Jardines de Nivaria’s refurbishment have been advancing thanks to our timelapses. Here is the fifth and final video in which you can see the final phase of the works:

As for the improvements, we will start highlighting the interiors of the hotel.

We have implemented an upgrade in new types of rooms like the presidential suites, which have new bathrooms and showers, jacuzzi with stunning views. All the balconies in the hotel were with glass railing for more space on the terrace and they offer best views.

All hotel beds were replaced with liftable beds to facilitate the work of the cleaning staff.

Dormitorio Suite Presidencial

Bedroom Presidential Suite

Dormitorio Suite Presidencial

Bedroom Presidential Suite

Jacuzzi Suite presidencial

Jacuzzi Suite presidencial

Terraza Suite Presidencial

Terrace of the Presidential Suite

Terraza Suite Presidencial

Terrace of the Presidential Suite

We also have a new gym with sauna and Turkish bath.


Gym Entrance




Sauna & Turkish bath at our new Gym

We are working at the new spa where guests can relax in a quiet environment. The new Spa will be opened in 2017. Here you can see timelapse from the 1st part of the construction.

Outside the hotel you can see that it has placed a new floor around the pool. This redesign facilitates more space for sunbathing area and hammocks. In addition to this all the machinery in the pool system has been renewed.


Our restaurants have also significant changes:

The main restaurant Solandra has expanded to include a wine bar. We have also created a new buffet based on the show cooking concept, where the food is prepared in front of you. Furthermore, you can also see the refurbishment in the outside of the restaurant, where we have added glass railings to improve eyesight.


Also, the restaurant La Cúpula has a new location. It’s now placed on the fourth floor of the main building, in the old panoramic terrace with superb sea views. The restaurant is run by chef Rubén Cabrera, who was recently awarded with the first prize in the III Certamen Nacional de Cocineros (National Gastronomy Contest).


On the other hand all the architecture has been designed by the Impulsarq team, who have managed to give a new look to all the buildings. These have been painted, presenting a new white facade, and have also improved as the fire-fighting system.


From Adrián Hoteles we are very satisfied with the complete improvement of all our facilities. Now it’s time that you will feel encouraged to enjoy them. We’re looking forward to welcome you in the refurbished Jardines de Nivaria Hotel :-).

Adrián Hoteles

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