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¡Llega el Carnaval de Tenerife 2017!

By | 31 January, 2017 | 0 comments


Finally all the people from Tenerife are looking forward to one of their favorite festivities: the carnival. Lights, colors, music and dancing will take over the streets of Santa Cruz de Tenerife with spectacular floats and costumes. Will you miss it?

When is the Carnival of Tenerife 2017?

The official dates of the Carnival of Tenerife 2017 have already been confirmed: from February 22nd to March 5st, one of the most popular celebration on the island will be in every corner of Santa Cruz de Tenerife full of joy! This is one of the reasons why this carnival is recognized nationally and internationally. Also, the Spanish Tourism State Department declared it as International Touristic Interest Party in 1980.

Regarding the history of the Carnival of Tenerife, the first written references, dated from the XVII century, mention already this festivity. In these writings we also can find the opinion of several people that passed by the city and enjoyed the celebration. There are also older writings in the official city regulations that expected to establish the social order during the celebration of the carnival.

Years after, during the dictatorships of Primo de Rivera and Francisco Franco, the carnival was prohibited in Spain. But the people of Tenerife managed to fool out the government and continue with the celebrations of the carnival. They changed the name for “Winter Celebration” avoiding the Govern’s punishment.

In 1987, when the dictatorships were gone and the democracy was established, the citizens of Santa Cruz de Tenerife decided to set a theme for the carnival. So, from that year on a different theme has characterized the most important festivity of the city: cinema, fashion, magic, the 80s and cartoons have been topics of the carnival. Also since some years ago the City Council promotes a popular consultation for the people of Tenerife are the ones who choose the main motive.

Valued as one of the best carnivals in the world like those of Rio de Janeiro, Venice or New Orleans; The Carnival of Tenerife also are in the Guinness World Records book since 1987, when it had the most audience participation in a dance held outdoors… with 200,000 people!

Because of the large influx of people who come to experience one of the biggest shows worldwide, we recommend you to check the availability of the best accommodations in Costa Adeje and book your stay in advance.

How to celebrate the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife

During the months of January and February it’s time to finalize all the details and preparations for the main festivities: contests of costumes, “murgas”, songs and, of course, the election of the childlike queen. However, the big party starts with the election of the carnival queen (adult mode), celebrated every year at the International Center of Fairs and Congresses of Tenerife.

The Carnival of Tenerife 2017 theme is ‘the Caribbean’: feathers, flowers and colorful colors will be the most popular elements for the local costumes for sure.

The party will walk through the streets from February 24th with the Announcer Parade, which is led by the queen and followed by the other Carnival groups. After that, the capital will offer activities, concerts and events, day and night, until the closing ceremony on March 5th.

Carnival of Tenerife 2017 program

Do not miss any of the main events of the Carnival of Tenerife 2017. We recommend you the most important ones:

January 27th: Inauguration of the Carnival 2017

From February 1st to 3rd: Competition of children’s “murgas”

February 4th: Musical groups

February 5th: Choreographic Festival

From February 6th to 11th: Competition of adult “murgas”

February 12th: Gala of election of the Childlike Carnival Queen

February 15th: Gala of election of the Carnival Queen and Festival of adult bands

February 17th: Laugh Song Contest

February 18th: Competition of “comparsas”
An essential event to enjoy the music of the Carnival of Tenerife.

February 19th: “Rondallas” Festival and Costume Contest

February 21st: Los Fregolinos concert

February 22nd: Big Gala of The Carnival’s Queen 2017
It’s the first and one of the most important appointments of the Carnival. This day, the annual representative girl is chosen and with her, the costume for the Carnival. It is like a fashion show where the girls wear costumes that weigh between 150 and 200 kilos because they have a big structure made of feathers, plastic, metal and jewelery. These dresses need to have wheels to be worn by the girls.
The role of the Queen of the Carnival is to lead the Carnival parades and she also represents the city in the tourism fairs of the year.

February 23rd: Festival of “zarzuela”

February 24th: The Announcer Parade
All the troupes walk through the main streets of the city ‘announcing’ the arrival of the Carnival. The queen and the maids of honor preside the parade followed by the other Carnival groups.

February 25th: Rhythm and Harmony

February 26th: Carnival of the day: performances, costume contest, carnival apotheosis
This great parade is along the Avenida Marítima de Santa Cruz de Tenerife avenue, in which all the comparsas, murgas and Carnival Queens participate.

March 1st: Burial of the sardine
Fireworks, music and performances. This is the first day of Lent and the streets of the city are on mourning. They accompany the ‘sardine’ and its widows to say goodbye to the carnival.

March 2nd: Festival of “rondallas”

March 3rd: Childish party

March 4th: Daylight Carnival
The perfect day to dress up and enjoy the Carnival of Tenerife with the children during the daylight time!

March 5th: End of the 2017 Carnival
It supposes the end of the carnival with a pyrotechnic exhibition at night.

Also during the main week thousands of people celebrate carnivals at night with concerts of different styles of music in the main squares of the capital. For more information of all the programming visit the official website of the Carnival of Tenerife.


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