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Parque Rural de Anaga

By | 29 April, 2015 | 0 comments

The park is located on the northwest mountains of Tenerife and it is a MUST for the visitors who are around the island. You can reach the park from any of our hotels by driving one hour and a half. Even though the park is in the opposite part of the island, the trip is worth it not only for its cultural attractions, but for its incredible landscape.


It is important to know that a rural park is not a usual park. The rural park combines an area of great landscape where the development of ecological processes and traditional activities like agriculture, farming or fishing are really important. The Anaga Park expands all over 14 acres and has a network of roads used by cars, buses and hikers. The park is special because the laurel forests which are created when the oceanic moisture condenses into fog creating the horizontal rain and allowing the vegetation to grow on the floor. Therefore, in the Anaga Park there are tropical forests sendero de los cinco sentidos webtenerife adrian hotelesas well as spectacular views, breathtaking natural sites and picturesque houses.

Route 1 (blue): Path of the senses

This is a low difficulty route where the visitors will be able to discover the magic of the forest through the smell, the humidity and the beauty of its path. The route is adapted and there is a gateway and a small terrace to rest. A 350 meters 5 senses walk in 5 minutes.

Route 2 (purple): Surprise your senses

It is a 600 meters a low difficulty route. A circular path that combines the history and the landscape. It goes through the old path of Las Montañas and passes through a high walkway and a bridge. Perfect to enjoy with the family!

Route 3 (orange): To the Mirador del Llano de Los Loros

This path is made for those more adventurer. It takes an hour and a half to complete the road and, even it has slopes and irregular terrain, it is an easy path. On the road, the walkers will find a weather station, the spectacular Mirador del Llano de Los Loros and some suspension bridges.

Route 4: The enchanted forest


This is a medium-high difficulty route. The trail starts in “La Ensillada” area and it enters in the laurel forest. For 6 kilometers the hikers can enjoy the flora, fauna and interest points of the area such as Roque Chinobre, el Mirador de Cabeza de Tejo or Piedra La Juarada. For more information about the route and the path, click here.

Route map: webtenerife.com
Photo cover: pasosypedales

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