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Adrián Hoteles vuelve a recibir el TUI Top Quality

Статью написал/а | 14 September, 2017 | 4 комментарии

TUI Top Quality_Adrian hoteles

Adrián Hoteles is proud to have received a new award given by the German tour operator TUI.

All of our hotels: Jardines de Nivaria, Roca Nivaria Gran Hotel and Guanahaní Colón have been awarded with the Tui Top Quality 2017.

TUI Top Quality is a prize created in 2015. This qualification is given to the best TUI hotels, which means, it is given to the favourite places of the clients of this German tour operator. To achieve this recognition, hotels must get a score of 8.7 out of 10 or more.
The three awards were given by Claudia Geurts, TUI’s Revenue Manager in Tenerife & La Gomera.

All the hotels of Adrián Hoteles in Tenerife have received several TUI awards in recent years: TUI Holly, TUI Umwelt and now, for the second consecutive year, TUI Top Quality.

From Adrián Hoteles we want to thank the good work of all the team involved, who always cares about maintaining our standards, taking care of the environment and ensuring their protection.

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  1. Isobel and Peter Youngs says:

    Very well deserved, congratulations!

  2. Robey Sjarbaini says:

    Congratzzzz Nancy & Team!

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