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Adrián Hoteles recibe el premio TUI Umwelt Champion 2017

Статью написал/а | 29 August, 2017 | 0 комментарии

TUI Umwelt Champion 2017

TUI Group is a tour operator that gives awards to hotels in Spain and other parts of the world every year.

Once again, and after having received it on other occasions, the three hotels of the Adrián Hoteles chain, Roca Nivaria, Jardines de Nivaria and Colón Guanahaní, have been awarded with the TUI Umwelt Champion. The award was handed over by Michaela Ducke, Quality Assurance Coordinator of the TUI Group.

This award recognizes those hotels committed to the environment, that work to ensure the respect for sustainability and social responsibility.

Adrián Hoteles already received the TUI Umwelt Champion in 2016 and 2014. In addition, all three Jardines de Nivaria, Roca Nivaria and Colón Guanahaní have also won the TUI Holly award, which is given to the best hotel establishments, according to the level of satisfaction expressed by the customers of the tour operator TUI Group.

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