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(Español) Adrian Hoteles obtiene el certificado de POSICheck

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Posi Check Cristal

Our Quality Manager Mr. Sastre during the hotel inspection with a Cristal representative

As we have already mentioned earlier, at Adrian Hoteles we have enhanced our already strict cleanliness and hygienic protocols in cooperation with ‘Cristal Standard’, a brand of ‘Check Safety First Ltd.

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Our commitment to a clean, safe and comfortable stay

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Sneak peek into a very small part of our daily work “behind the scenes” to ensure a clean, safe and comfortable stay with us.

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Adrian Hoteles includes Travel Insurance to your stay

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In addition to our usual strict safety and cleanliness protocols, we have added a new travel insurance to avoid any unwanted surprises.

The service offered by Adrian Hoteles will cover, among other contingencies, medical and surgical assistance, hospitalization and emergency medical transfer, with up to 30 000 euros per guest; it also covers the extension of stay for medical reasons for the members of the booking, читать полный текст

Disinfecting our Hotels in Tenerife

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Disinfecting our Hotels in Tenerife

Disinfecting our Hotels in Tenerife

As a preventive measure our 3 hotels have been completely disinfected.

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