Adrian Hoteles

Hotel Stay Guideline

Please be advised, that our protocols may change at any time without prior notice.

Adrian Hoteles


  • Follow the country’s regulations in the common areas
  • Wear masks always where it is not possible to keep the min 1,5m distance.
  • Masks will be compulsory: to enter the hotel, to enter the restaurants, to go to the buffet and in all enclosed spaces.
  • Hand disinfection will be required for entering the hotel, restaurants, bars, spa, hairdresser’s and gymnasium and before entering the elevators. Hydroalcoholic gels will be available in all common areas.
  • Temperature control on arrival and during the stay.
Adrian Hoteles


  • Maintain the min distance.
  • Strictly follow the official governmental guidelines.
  • Extensively trained in the current hygiene regulations.
  • Wear masks in all public areas and when in contact with guests.
Adrian Hoteles


  • The luggage will be disinfected before entering the hotel.
  • Before entering the hotel everybody has to disinfect hands (hydroalcoholic gel will be available) and has to wear a mask.
  • Signs on the floor will indicate the min distance to be kept.
  • Glass screens at the front desk.
  • Precheck-in possibility will be available through our web.
  • Key cards will be disinfected regularly.
Adrian Hoteles


  • Extra disinfection of all surfaces.
  • Whenever possible after departure, the room will be kept unoccupied for 24 hours in order to be thoroughly disinfected before new occupancy.
  • Everything that is not really essential will be removed, such as the arrival services (avoiding too many people entering the room), all the stationery such as the directory, the Roomservice menu, etc. (everything will be available via QRs).
  • The minibar will be empty and closed. You will be able to order a drink package before arrival or during your stay.
  • The staff will not be able to enter when you are in the room, unless you are unable to leave the room for health reasons.
Adrian Hoteles


  • Follow all authority regulations.
  • All the tables in the restaurants have been separated by a distance of 1.5m min distance
  • When a client leaves the table, both the table and chairs will be disinfected.
  • To go to the buffet (breakfast, lunch and dinner) it will be necessary to wear a mask.
  • There will be signs on the floor to follow the right direction and keep the min distance.
  • All menus will be removed and will be available via QR code.
Adrian Hoteles


  • The sunbeds have been separated following the country’s regulations.
  • The sunbeds will be disinfected after each client.
  • The capacity will be limited.
  • Sunbeds available in most rooms, we strongly recommend that you use them.