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Adrian Hoteles includes Travel Insurance to your stay

Статью написал/а | 23 September, 2020 | 8 комментарии

In addition to our usual strict safety and cleanliness protocols, we have added a new travel insurance to avoid any unwanted surprises related with Covid-19.

The service offered by Adrian Hoteles will cover, among other contingencies, medical and surgical assistance, hospitalization and emergency medical transfer, with up to 30 000 euros per guest; it also covers the extension of stay for medical reasons for the members of the booking, up to 14 nights, as well as the repatriation of the guest for medical reasons and the return tickets of the booking members for the same reasons.

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  1. Hanten- Rollinger says:

    Guten Tag

    Ist die Versicherung auch gültig wenn wir Pauschalreisen ( Buchen bei Luxair ) .
    Wir waren vor 11 Monaten bei Ihnen im Hotel , und es hat uns sehr gut gefallen .
    Wir planen ein Urlaub für Anfang Oktober
    Lg aus luxemburg

    • Sehr geehrter Herr Hanten,

      Ja, die Reiseversicherung ist gültig auch bei Pauschalreisen.

      Mit sonnigen Grüssen,
      Euer Adrian Hoteles Team

  2. Janet Winn says:

    Hi we have stayed with you twice before, can you advise does the free travel insurance you offer cover everything

    • Dear Janet,

      Thank you for your comment. This insurance policy refers specifically to Covid cases only.

      With sunny regards from Tenerife,

      Your Adrian Hoteles Team

  3. Monica Barnett says:

    We have booked and paid in advance with you for next August 2021, does this new insurance cover us as well?

  4. Katrien Gailliaert says:

    Hallo hoe lang is deze promotie geldig?

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