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Roni, nuestra mascota tienes su propia canción

Статью написал/а | 24 October, 2017 | 0 комментарии

Ronis song_Adrian hoteles

You probably know Roni by now. He is a pilot whale and he is also the mascot of our family hotel, Roca Nivaria.

Pilot whales are very common in the Canarian archipelago and you can easily see them swimming in the sea with their arched dorsal fin. Swimming is actually one of Roni’s favourite things to do, along with dancing at the Belingo mini disco and playing with his younger brothers in the ocean.

Have you ever heard Roni’s song? Our friends love to sing it and they have a great time dancing to it with Roni whenever they visit us.

Roni, the pilot whale, is only a part of the family-friendly staff, activities and spaces that you will find at the Roca Nivaria Hotel. Everything is thought so you and your family can enjoy the perfect holidays in Tenerife. Inside the hotel, you will find a Babyclub (for babies 10 months or older), a Miniclub (for children between 4 and 12) and a very fun restaurant with a pirate-ship shaped buffet.

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