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Young architects won the First Prize of the International Competition for Urban Design ‘Downtown Q’ of Australia

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Two young architects of ImpulsARQ Architecture Studio from Adeje.

Two young architects of ImpulsARQ Architecture Studio, based in the southern municipality of Adeje, are proclaimed winners of the ‘Downtown Q’, the First Prize of the International Competition for Urban Design of Australia, in the Residential Mode Q. This contest was convened last summer and it held at Queanbeyan city. In this event – which hosted participants from around the world including Canada, Denmark, Czech Republic, Egypt, France, Italy, Portugal, New Zealand, USA and Japan, among others – the spanish representatives Julián Adrián Ruera (Adeje) and Ruth Tortosa Esquembre (Alicante) were awarded with the prize for launch a Canarian architecture studio in Adeje. This studio is framed in the Adrián Hoteles company.

These young architects say: “Downtown Q 2025 is an international competition of “ideas” aimed at generating new business center, which features with a residential associate and a leisure areas for the free time of the local population in the emerging city of Queanbeyan, just 15 minutes from Camberra (the capital of Australia)”.

For its part, the jury highlighted about the winners their “good response in handling density, human scale and reinterpretation of urbanism as a matter of people betting on a central square as meeting place and where the main activities are dumped, connected with a sophisticated network of pedestrian streets. These are opportunities for civic interaction, the architectural response that best fits what should be a rural town of the 21st century”. In this sense, it should be noted that these young architects for the Canarian study ImpulsARQ have been based in Vienna during three years and successfully working on projects throughout Europe. Also, after several works in the Adrian Hoteles chain, highlighting the Colón Guanahani hotel reform, they opened themselves at the international market through several contests: “In times of crisis we must look to the future opting for the different alternatives in your cross road, and reinventing ourselves every day”.

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