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Mirando al cielo desde el Teide

By | 19 December, 2014 | 0 comments

The ideal way to enjoy the sky views is to do it from a high and cloudless place, in a natural environment as far as possible from the city. For these reasons and more, the Teide mountain becomes a perfect place to spend a night under the stars.

As already recommended in 5 ways to visit and know the Teide, there are several options to discover the many areas surrounding this mountain. The Canary Islands have a steady atmosphere, so looking at the sky from above, day or night, at any time of the year it’s a pleasure. So, visiting Mount Teide to contemplate a starry night or the sunrise becomes an unforgettable experience.

Every summer you will be able to see spectacular images of the Milky Way from the vantage points in the Teide National Park, because it is when the weather is better. However, there are organized tours all the year, often accompanied by an astronomer, with walking trails, some of which affordable for most people.

One of those routes is, for example, to climb the Teide in the afternoon to watch the sunset from the National Park with an expert guide. After enjoying a good evening meal in the restaurant and once nightfall comes, you will be able to observe the starry sky and the fantastic view accompanied by an astronomer who will teach you many interesting things.

Another idea is to start the tour from Mountain Majua (cable car) to the path of Siete Cañadas, passing by a less known place: the old Teide’s Sanatorium, which is well camouflaged among little mountains of dry lava. In total about 8km but fairly straight and plain road.

If the idea is to extend the experience, maybe it would be interesting to book accommodation in the Altavista del Teide Refuge. It is situated at 3260 meters altitude, so the sky from there is really spectacular. Although the maximum stay is only one night, this includes free access to Teide Peak before 9 am without process any permission on the Cabildo. We recommend starting the route about 6 am to get to see the sunrise from the crater of Mount Teide.

Finally, to do all this activities it is advisable to wear comfortable and warm clothes, footwear for trekking, sunglasses, sunscreen and water to stay hydrated, no matter what season it is. Depending on the kind of activity it will also be helpful to bring a flashlight, blanket or binoculars.

Currently there are some entities and companies offering packages like these ones, handling themselves to manage the necessary permits and the insurances. From Adrian Hoteles, we will also help you to enhance your experience discovering Tenerife.

Photo cover: Miquel González

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