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El sabor de la tierra: vinos tinerfeños

By | 23 October, 2015 | 0 comments

With five Certificates of Origin, the Tenerife island hosts a big viticulture variety. White and aromatic wines are the most popular in this area where enotourism activities are increasing its offer.

vinos tenerife

Photo: Contiempo Bodega

Vineyard farming tradition started during the Roman period. It was during that time when the vineyard cultivation appeared in the Canary Islands. Nowadays, the region dedicates 8,000 hectares to grape production. Despite on red and rosé native varieties, the white wine type is the Tenerife flag. Malvasia is the one which has acquired most of the fame during the years.


Golden and strong bouquet variety, it stands out for its fruity character. Malvasia was during some centuries the island driver of growth. The Canary Sack, its international name, was one of the most prized wines in Europe and in the world. Now, it is really appreciated for wine experts from around the world and it is an attraction for the enotourism activities which the island offers. The Malvasia’s Museum is a proof of its success.

Enotousim activities

Is there any better way to know the viticulture tradition or the region than doing a wine tasting? This is an option which the majority of the cellars of the island offer. It is usually combined with vineyards and production plan visits. It allows the visitors to know the elaboration process.

The touristic offers suggest more and unique experiences. The visitors can participate in different parts of the elaboration process, it depends on the season when they visit the cellar: loping grapevines, working in the grape harvest or other leisure activities like riding a bike among vines.

Richness of varieties

Tenerife hosts a hundred of cellars organized in five Certificates of Origin: Albona, Valle de Güímar, Valle de la Orotava, Ycoden-Daute-Isora y Tacoronte-Acentejo. Volcanic ground and high height (it sometimes reaches 1,400 meters) are the main characteristics of this farming in the island. These conditions and a tropical climate, create aniseed-flavoured wines, which combine perfectly with cheeses and desserts.

Cover photo: fotonazos.com

Adrián Hoteles

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