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By | 12 December, 2019 | 0 comments

web_1It’s not the first time we’ve told you (actually, we’ll never get tired of doing it) that Tenerife is a perfect destination at any time of year. Also in December, especially for all those who want to avoid the cold winter. December is a month full of reunions with family and friends in a festive atmosphere and celebration for a holiday, Christmas, which most of us enjoy like we were children. This time of year is usually associated with a cold climate that involves wearing coats, hats and scarves.

But if we talk about Tenerife (and all the Canary Islands), the thing changes. The 24 degrees average temperature that we reach this time of year are the perfect excuse to live a different Christmas, with sun and beach but without giving up a holiday that we love. If you are thinking of travelling to the Canary Islands this winter, in this post we recommend the best plans to enjoy Christmas in Tenerife.


1. Visiting the traditional cribs in Tenerife

A good plan for crib lovers is to get to know some of the island’s most emblematic villages through this traditional representation of the scene of the birth of Jesus in the Bethlehem portal. Some of the places that have the most spectacular Nativity scenes are Santa Cruz and La Laguna.

The giant Nativity of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the work of the artisan Jesús Gil, is located at the entrance to the Town Hall, occupying a total of 12 square metres of surface area and two heights. A spectacular representation of the birth of Jesus that is accompanied, in addition, by an impressive Christmas tree of four and a half meters high. 

And speaking about La Orotava at Christmas is speaking about of the municipality that organises the largest crib route: a total of 36 cribs make up the traditional itinerary, assuming a record of participation and which can be done in a guided or individual way and which includes the giant crib in the Town Hall square. It is a reference point for Christmas in Tenerife, as it is estimated that it will be visited by more than 40,000 people during the Christmas period.


2. Walking through the Christmas markets and taste the gastronomy of Tenerife

In addition to the nativity scene, the streets of the island also have extensive Christmas markets and flea markets, where we can taste the most typical of Tenerife cuisine. The star product, as always, is the “trucha canaria“: a type of sweet with the appearance of an empanadilla made with peeled almonds, lemon and icing sugar and stuffed with angel or sweet potato hair.

And as a dish of any Christmas dinner in Tenerife can not miss the traditional papas arrugadas with mojo accompanied by the typical cheeses, appellation of origin of the island. And as a main dish, any dish that includes fish is an absolute success. In Tenerife is very common sancocho canario, based on boiled fish (the canary cherne is the star fish) with potatoes, sweet potato, gofio and mojo.

It is also highly recommended not to miss the Navilunio: more than 130 musical and various activities in different parts of the city that will take place on December 28. 


3. How about a day of Christmas shopping? 

Thanks to the boom in tourism in the area, the south of Tenerife has a wide range of places where we can not only do last-minute shopping this Christmas but also make family plans. We recommend that you take a look at this list of shopping malls to go with your family in Tenerife. 


4. Enjoy the “snow” in Tenerife

In Tenerife we don’t have cold and snow during the winter, but we can recreate it. The island has various “winter” activities: for example, the giant Christmas slide, installed on Avenida Martítima, opposite Plaza de España, recreates a mountain of snow and has three slopes 35 metres long and almost eight metres high.


5. Christmas Concerts and Shows

Tenerife hosts numerous concerts and shows for all audiences during Christmas. Among the most outstanding concerts, the Christmas concert. Every 25th of December, the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra offers, at 21:00 hours in the Llanos del Puerto dock, the traditional Christmas Concert of Tenerife Ports

This edition, the XXI, will have a marked Canarian accent, as the musical group Los Sabandeños (one of the most representative of our musical panorama) will accompany the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra. This edition will also welcome a larger number of attendees (up to 30,000) and a better location, thus allowing you to enjoy better views to admire the subsequent fireworks show.  


6. New Year’s Eve in Tenerife

And as it could not be otherwise, the end of the year in Tenerife is also celebrated in style. In addition to the typical festivals organised with music and cotillion, if you really want to experience a totally different New Year’s Eve in the Canary Islands paradise, you have plans on the beach: popular festivals and pyrotechnic shows by the sea that you can enjoy in flip-flops and shorts.

And for many, the night ends in the water with the first bath of the year. A custom that, just like the night of San Juan, is charged with symbolism and one of its objectives is to purify the body and renew energies. 


6. Three Kings Parede in Tenerife

And we already know that in Tenerife we love everything related to shows and parades and the night of the Three Kings could not be less. Recognized as one of the 20 best in Spain, the Three Kings parade is a parade full of music, dance and color that begins from the reception to the Three Wise Men of the East who, as every year, receive the magic keys that open all the doors of the houses of the minors.  


If you want to live a different Christmas, Tenerife is the perfect option. A Christmas with a style of its own that you can enjoy while staying at Adrian Hotels.

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