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By | 24 July, 2019 | 0 comments

sea-4267121_1920Tenerife is, in addition to the largest of the Canary Islands, a fabulous land of contrasts. The diversity, the climate (with temperatures that oscillate between 18 degrees in winter and 26 degrees in summer), the colors and flavors of the island make Tenerife a place with an exclusive charm. To this we must add, in addition, its enormous environmental wealth, with the imposing Teide as the maximum exponent. Its 3718 meters crown an island that is also the only one of the Canaries that has two international airports: Tenerife – Sur or Reina Sofía airport and Tenerife – Norte Los Rodeos airport. This places the island at a distance of two to four hours from the Peninsula and the rest of Europe.
Its 269 kilometers of coastline offer a great diversity of places to enjoy the sun and the Atlantic Ocean. In the north, with a more abrupt and steep relief, we find small coves and natural pools; In the south, however, numerous beach areas await us, most of them of volcanic origin. As many as others delight tourists who visit our island every year.
For that reason, in this post we reveal you 10 unique paradisiacal beaches in Tenerife.



1. Antequera Beach 

Antequera Beach is one of those places that, due to its geographical conditions and location, remains outside the stress of the city. And what do we mean when we talk about “complicated” location? Depending on how you decide to reach it, you should leave your car parked in one place or another, since you can only reach it in two ways: walking or by boat.

Once we reach Antequera beach we will enjoy calm waters that break on the black sand at the foot of an impressive cliff.

 How to go to Antequera beach 

  • By boat

It is the easiest way to get there. There are many companies that transport people with motor boats from the fishing pier located in one of the outsides of Las Teresitas Beach. Depending on the swell, it may take us about 20 minutes to arrive.

  • Trekking

The other way to get to this beach is by taking a hiking route from the town of Igueste de San Andrés. Before starting this route it is necessary to know that, given its difficulty, it is suitable only for people with experience and good physical condition, since they are about 3.6 kilometers with steep slopes. Just do not forget to bring water for the road. 


 2. Benijo Beach 

Located in the area of Anaga (north coast of Tenerife) and escorted by the Roque Benijo and the Roque La Rapadura, the landscape that you can admire from this beach is incredible: it is a wild beach in its purest state, with black sand and from which you can contemplate really impressive sunsets.

Far from the island’s tourist centers, Benijo beach has a scarce presence of tourists. We recommend visiting them when the tide is low or in the hours close to low tide, since you can enjoy much more sand than when the tide is high. It is also important to know, given its wild nature, that it is convenient not to get too far into the water, since the danger of currents is real.

 How to go toBenijo Beach 

Benijo is the most isolated beach in the town of Taganaga. To get there from Santa Cruz de Tenerife (about 45 minutes and 27 km) we have to take Avenida Martítima TF-11 towards San Andrés. Once there, we will find a roundabout and take the exit towards Taganaga / Almáciga (TF-12 road). About 400 meters after Almáciga we will arrive to an area with many cars parked, where we will leave the car and walk through a path with stairs towards the beach.


 3. La Tejita Beach 

With its kilometer in length, Tejita beach is one of the largest natural beaches of Tenerife (about 1000 meters long) and starting point of a stretch of coast where we find small sandy coves little crowded. From La Tejita we have the privilege of enjoying breathtaking views of the Montaña Roja volcano (red Mountain), a link between this beach and El Medano beach (discussed below) and which marks the landscape of both beaches. In La Tejita, also, walking to the left (looking out to the sea) we found a small sandy cove with lighter and reddish tones right at the foot of the volcano.

 How to go to La Tejita Beach 

From Santa Cruz de Tenerife, to get to the La Tejita beach, we must take Avenida Martitima TF-11 towards the southwest. Continue on the TF-4 until the TF-1 south motorway. Once on the TF-1 (direction Candelaria / South Airport / Los Cristianos), after about 56 km we will take the exit towards El Médano and drive about 3 km on the TF-64 to the exit Los Abrigos / Playa La Tejita by TF -643, through which we will reach the parking area.


 4. El Médano Beach 

El Medano Beach is one of the best-known beaches on the island. As its name indicates, the beach is located in the village of Médano (municipality of Granadilla de Abona), about 40 minutes by car from Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

This beach is characterized by its sand with light brown tones, color typical of the sand of this area of the island. As we told you before, this beach is linked with the Tejita beach by the Red Mountain and is quite frequented. The Médano is ideal for practicing water sports with the wind or the practice of nudism.

It is essential to stop at the Chiringuito Pirata, one of the best chiringuitos on the island. 

How to go to El Médano beach 

For those who prefer to take public transport, there is the option to take the interurban bus, line 470, from Granadilla de Abona to the beach. If instead we prefer to do it by car, near the beach there is parking with more than 100 seats.


5. Los Patos Beach 

Spectacular and secluded black sand beach located on the coast of La Orotava, very close to the tourist town of Puerto de la Cruz. With a kilometer long, this beach is ideal to spend the day and enjoy the tranquility it offers.

It can be reached on foot from Bollullo Beach, a beach that can be easily reached on foot from Los Patos beach and which we will talk about at the next point. The environment is spectacular: wild beach and green mountains full of vegetation.

How to go to Los Patos beach 

Los Patos Beach belongs to the municipality of La Orotava and after about 20 minutes we reach a path that we access from the area where we park the car. As an important fact, free parking is very scarce and private costs 1.5€


6. El Bollullo Beach 

Right next to the Los Patos beach we find Bollullo beach. It is worth the 45-minute walk that connects Puerto de la Cruz with Playa del Bolullo: to discover this beach is to enter a family beach with a natural charm that will catch us from the first moment. The Bollullo is located on the edge of a cliff in the area of El Rincón (La Orotava).

Its waters, with quite wild waves throughout the year, delight surf lovers. This also has its negative side, since you have to be careful with the currents, which are usually very treacherous.

As a curiosity, did you know that this beach was the scene of several of the scenes of the Spanish film “Una hora más en Canarias” and that the picturesque Chiringuito Bollullo played a very important role?

How to go to El Bollullo 

The access to this beach is quite limited. You can walk from Puerto de la Cruz on a 45-minute tour or from Chiringuito Bollullo (in the El Rincón area) through a stepped path of a few minutes.


7. Diego Hernández Beach 

100 meters before reaching this cove a sign describes it: “El Tesoro de Tenerife” (“The treasure of Tenerife”). When one arrives at this beach, just 200 meters long and located in a protected natural area, one seems to see a postcard of the Mediterranean coast.

Diego Hernández beach, wild and nudist, is one of the least traveled on the island. Of course, before going it is important to keep in mind that at high tide there is practically no room to put the towel, so there will be no choice but to place yourself on the rocks.

As a curiosity, this beach is also known as “La Caleta de los Hippies”. Area frequented by campers, although the legislation does not allow it, until recently had a hippie commune living next to the seashore. Hence the curious nickname.

How to go to Diego Hernández 

There are different routes to reach Diego Hernández Beach on foot. The simplest part from El Puertito de Adeje, a path of about 20 minutes along the coast.


8. El Socorro Beach 

El Socorro Beach is a fantastic black sand beach located in the northern municipality of Los Realejos. This beach is one of the twelve of Tenerife adapted for people in wheelchairs, with reserved parking, showers, ramps and parallel access. The Playa del Socorro is 230 meters long and has large parking areas, making it an easily accessible beach.

The Socorro is also ideal for surfing and bodyboarding, thanks to its sea currents. Perfect for a swim when there is calm sea. This beach also has Wi-Fi zones.

How to go to El Socorro Beach 

To get to El Socorro Beach we recommend you to rent a car and go along the north road, where we will see the access to it. If we go from the north, the road is before the chapel of San Pedro; However, if we do it from Santa Cruz, we will find the way just after. The road is quite accessible and it is possible to do it both by car and on foot.


9. Benijo Beach 

One of the corners preferred by travelers, Benijo Beach is included in the list of the best beaches in the Canary Islands. Escolted by Roque Benijo and Roque La Rapadura, Benijo Beach is a small black sand beach of just over 300 meters in length, located in the Anaga Natural Park. Benijo Beach is a totally isolated beach, nudist and without services.

It is a beach with an average summer occupation and falls the rest of the year. It is convenient to visit it when the tide is low. Benijo beach is considered by many to be the most photogenic beach in the Canary Islands, with magical sunsets when the surf of the red sea in the horizon is mixed and the silhouettes of volcanic rocks rising from the bottom of the sea.

How to go to Benijo Beach 

The access to the beach is through a path that starts along the road and a restaurant called El Mirador, from where we have about fifteen minutes to the beach. Although these steps are down one way, it is important to keep in mind that on the way back we will have to do them uphill, so it is not recommended for older people or those who are not fit.


10. Playa Jardín Beach (Puerto de la Cruz) 

Puerto de la Cruz, city par excellence of the north of Tenerife and an ideal base of operations to discover the rest of the island, has several beaches, being Playa Jardín the most recommended. Playa Jardín is a large black sand beach, escorted by a promenade with many garden areas and vegetation.

Due to its location (in one of the most touristic places on the island), Playa Jardín has a high occupancy for almost all of the year. However, thanks to its large size (about 700 meters long), we will always have a place to “plant” the towel.

How to go to Playa Jardín 

Playa Jardín is located near the Loro Parque theme park, so the area is quite busy and parking can be difficult to find.


If after reading this post you are more than convinced to visit the Canary Islands this summer, at Adrian Hotels we have three hotels in Tenerife (Roca Nivaria GH, Jardines de Nivaria and Colón Guanahaní) so you can spend your holidays with your own style.


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