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Corazones de Tejina: color y vistosidad

By | 17 August, 2015 | 0 comments

At the end of August in Tenerife island, one of the most remarkable festival in the Canarian archipelago is celebrated. The same week as Saint Bartholomew’s day, the town of Tejina takes in the celebration of the Corazones de Tejina (Tejina’s Hearts). Declared an Official Asset of Cultural Interest, it is a centenary tradition. From Adrián Hoteles, we explain you everything you have to know to enjoy this summer event.

The celebration

The festival lasts the fifteen final days of August with different religious, cultural, sports and artistic events. The most popular ones are focused between 24th to 26th of August. One of the most crowded events is the firework display in la Tejinetilla, a place in the top of La Atalaya mountain. The Halgarán’s burning is also well-known. It consists in burning a rag doll to finish the celebration.

A dispute between neighbourhoods

The central event of the festival takes places the third Sunday of August. That day, people from three of the village’s neighbourhoods, (El Pico, Calle Arriba and Calle Abajo) bring a cross-shape structure with two decorated hearts to the square where the church is. These objects are called Corazones de Tejina. They are transported by people dancing around and children carrying flags. When they arrive to the square, it starts the emotional Ofrenda (Ofering) to Saint Bartolomé. In a lot of Canarian towns it is a tradition to bring the harvest’s benefits to the patron of the village.

In that moment, members of each neighbourhood criticize cheekily the other hearts. When the celebration finishes, the hearts are exposed in the square until Sunday afternoon. They are decorated with flowers and flags.

Colourful hearts

They weigh 900 kilos and size 12 meters. These structures are carried to the square where the church is by 25 men. Each of them are crafted by members of the different neighbourhood during three days before the event. The association that organizes the festival receives also the assistance of other villages.

Each structure has two wood hearts: the big crown and the small one. This is the base where flowers, fruits and flour cakes are disposed. The dough, made with flour and water, represents religious, agricultural, folkloric and costumbrist scenes.

A date to remember

Corazones of Tejina festival is one of the most well-known events in the north of the Tenerife island. Each year, hundreds of tourists come to this village to enjoy one of the most traditional events in the archipelago.

Photo cover: Melchor José de la Guárdia Pérez

Adrián Hoteles

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