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De guachinches

By | 6 March, 2014 | 0 comments

We invite you to discover the guachinches of Tenerife, places where you can drink and eat at a low price and get to know a bit more about the culture and traditions of the island.

What is a “guachinche”?

Originally the “guachinches” were houses where people went to taste the house wine and also got offered some small portions of food, like cheese.

Today, the guachinches are a kind of restaurant, offering home-grown wine and a few typical Canarian dishes. You can find them in the houses classrooms and they are only open for a few months a year.

Where to find a guachinche

Most of the guachinches are in the North of the island of Tenerife, around the area of Santa Úrsula and La Matanza. You can find their sings on the road, they are usually handwritten or very simple. Most of them are a bit hidden, just follow the signs!

Is it a guachinche or not?

In 2013 a new law regulates the “guachinches”, to avoid competition with restaurants and bars.

A guachinche:

  • only sells home-grown wine

  • opens only a few months a year

  • has a very reduced menu, three or four dishes

What to order

The first and most important thing is to order the house wine.

The guachinches usually offer a very small number of dishes, which include meat, cheese and “gofio”. We recommend you to try the “escaldón”, cheese with mojo and some meat with “papas arrugadas” (potatoes).

Bon appétit!

Adrián Hoteles

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