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¿Qué tiempo hará ahora en Tenerife?

Статью написал/а | 12 July, 2018 | 2 комментарии

Exterior hotel Roca Nivaria

It’s always said that the Canary Islands and, specifically Tenerife, have the perfect climate, with an average annual temperature of 23ºC. That’s why the Canarian archipelago receives millions of tourists every year, who go there looking for good weather, leisure options, beaches and beautiful landscapes.

Here, at Adrián Hoteles, we are aware of how appealing and charming the island is, and our services and facilities are designed so you can make the most of your holiday in Tenerife. In fact, they will be useful for you even before you get to the island. We have recently improved the webcam installed in Roca Nivaria Hotel. The main goal is to offer live images of the exterior of the hotel and the sea of Costa Adeje; something that allows you to check the weather or the state of the sea, for example.

Although, if you wish, you can also share the link that allows you to see Roca Nivaria live to the friends and family who have not accompanied you on your holidays in Tenerife to make them jealous.

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  1. hasmann says:

    Hi, I can not see the live stream. It does not work.

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