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Nuevo cargador para coches eléctricos en Jardines de Nivaria

Статью написал/а | 13 March, 2017 | 0 комментарии


From Adrián Hoteles we continue to promote sustainability and environment protection. Now we have just released an electric car charger in our Jardines de Nivaria in our hotel.

Following with the emphasis that has led us to be environmental leaders, we make available to all our guests a new charger to enjoy driving an electric car during their holiday. This innovative system is part of our sustainable philosophy, being recognized with the TUI Umwelt Champion 2016.

Unfortunately, there are still few hotel resorts that have the necessary facilities to provide this loading system. That is why we are proud that our Jardines de Nivaria is one of them.

Enjoy our charger for electric cars calmly and just remember that you need to book it in advance.


Adrián Hoteles

категории: Jardines de Nivaria 5*

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