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Todo lo que necesita saber durante su estancia a su alcance

Статью написал/а | 18 July, 2019 | 0 комментарии

Here is everything you need to know during your stay at our hotels.

We are sure you will now have seen our ‘touch screens’ in both our reception areas and restaurant entrances. The screens provide practical information like the weather, restaurant menus, our animation programme and the hotel agenda/opening hours.

Now you can access the same information on your mobile phone device by simply scanning the QR code which you will find on the touch screen within our hotels or from the room key card holder. You can also click on one of the following URL’s (depending on which hotel you are staying at) to see the content on your mobile device. There is no download or installation required.

Jardines de Nivaria: https://www.adrianhoteles.com/totem/jdn
Roca Nivaria GH: https://www.adrianhoteles.com/totem/rn
Colón Guanahaní: https://www.adrianhoteles.com/totem/cg

You can also find out how it works in the following video:

We wish you a very pleasant stay with us :-).

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