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Посты с категорией Premios

Adrián Hoteles vuelve a recibir el TUI Top Quality

Статью написал/а | 14 September, 2017 | 4 комментарии

TUI Top Quality_Adrian hoteles

Adrián Hoteles is proud to have received a new award given by the German tour operator TUI.

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Adrián Hoteles recibe el premio TUI Umwelt Champion 2017

Статью написал/а | 29 August, 2017 | 0 комментарии

TUI Umwelt Champion 2017

TUI Group is a tour operator that gives awards to hotels in Spain and other parts of the world every year.

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Nuestro chef, Rubén Cabrera, gana el prestigioso premio ¡Qué Bueno!

Статью написал/а | 17 February, 2017 | 0 комментарии


Rubén Cabrera, Head Chef of gourmet restaurant La Cúpula since 2007, located within Tenerife’s five-star Jardines de Nivaria Hotel, has won the ‘Best Chef in the Canary Islands’ award at the prestigious ¡Qué Bueno! Canarias Heineken regional gastronomy awards. The Spanish Chef receives the highest distinction due to his constant creativity, читать полный текст

TUI Umwelt 2016 para los tres hoteles de Adrián Hoteles

Статью написал/а | 27 January, 2017 | 2 комментарии


We are very pleased that our three hotels Roca Nivaria, Jardines de Nivaria and Colón Guanahaní receive the TUI Umwelt Champion 2016, one of the most important international awards that values the accommodations committed to the environment and sustainability.

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La cadena Adrián Hoteles recibe el HolidayCheck 2017 Award

Статью написал/а | 10 January, 2017 | 2 комментарии


Once again the three hotels of the Adrián Hoteles chain have been awarded by HolidayCheck, the leading travel website in Germany, through the excellent valuation made by its customers.

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Los hoteles Roca Nivaria GH y Jardines de Nivaria galardonados con el TUI Holly 2017

Статью написал/а | 28 December, 2016 | 2 комментарии


Once again the Adrián Hoteles chain is honored to receive the TUI Holly Award for Roca Nivaria Gran Hotel and Jardines de Nivaria hotels. This award establish them as the best TUI hotels in the world according to the opinion of their customers.

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El hotel Colón Guanahaní galardonado por Jet2holidays

Статью написал/а | 28 October, 2016 | 0 комментарии

Desde Adrián Hoteles tenemos el placer de anunciar que hemos sido galardonados con el Quality Award 2015 por el turoperador Jet2holidays.

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Rubén Cabrera and Jesús Gómez winners of the III National Gastronomy Contest

Статью написал/а | 27 September, 2016 | 0 комментарии

We are pleased to announce that Rubén Cabrera – the main chef of La Cúpula restaurant in our Jardines de Nivaria Hotel (Costa Adeje) – and Jesús Gómez are the winners for the second consecutive year of the III Certamen Nacional de Gastronomía (National Gastronomy Contest), organized by the Federación de Asociaciones de Cocineros y Reposteros de España (Federation of associations of Chefs and Confectioners of Spain). читать полный текст

Rubén Cabrera y Jesús Gómez ganadores del III Certamen Nacional de Gastronomía

Статью написал/а | 27 September, 2016 | 0 комментарии

Tenemos el placer de anunciar que Rubén Cabrera – nuestro chef del restaurante La Cúpula del hotel Jardines de Nivaria (Costa Adeje) – junto al cocinero Jesús Gómez han vuelto a ganar por segundo año consecutivo el III Certamen Nacional de Cocineros, organizado por la Federación de Asociaciones de Cocineros y Reposteros de España. читать полный текст

TUI Holly 2016 awards to Colón Guanahaní

Статью написал/а | 14 September, 2016 | 0 комментарии

The German tour operator TUI rewards one more year to the world’s best 100 holiday properties in hospitality to guests with the TUI Holly awards. This year a total of 25 hotels in Spain have made the top 100, ten in the Canary Islands and four in Tenerife, and one of them is our exclusive adult-only Colón Guanahaní Hotel. читать полный текст

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