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Así están quedando las habitaciones en Roca Nivaria GH

Mit | 25 October, 2018 | 2 kommentare

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Roca Nivaria GH offers comfortable bedrooms and the new design has been inspired by the contrasts from the Island of Tenerife. With the main features focusing on the Canary Ocean and blue sky, this combination creates a unique, comfortable environment.

The introduction of the additional light replicates unlimited sunsets and blended with the colours and views from the room, it’s a place for continuous relaxation.

The design has benefited from different types of furniture and various colours which represents the features of the waves that bathe the hotel’s surroundings, making its location an exclusive place in the south of Tenerife.

We wanted to showcase these images for this project, to reflect the exceptional charm offered by our Island and known throughout the history as Achinech, Nivaria, Tenerife.

Adrian Hotels welcomes this change as an example of our sustainable approach and social responsibility. After many years of good values, this has led us to be a benchmark in the Island for simplicity and modesty and reflect this in the final project.

Detalle-cabecero Vista-interior-habitacion-doble

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  1. antoine MEYNARD says:

    Muy lindo los coloridos, lastima que cambiar todas las habitaciones se hara en un cierto tiempo y no podremos disfrutar del nuevo diseno este ano (venimos a principios de diciembre). !!

    • Gracias por su comentario. La mayoría de las habitaciones ya están redecoradas, aunque es cierto, que aún faltan algunos tipos por terminar. Esperamos darles bienvenida muy pronto.

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