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Feast in Tenerife....

Here you can find reviews for the best restaurants in Tenerife, as well as recipes for popular Canarian food, so you can try cooking it at home.

  • Frangollo


    The frangollo is a dessert with milk, lemon and flour.

    INGREDIENTS (4 persons):

    -    Zest of 1 lemon (cut into strips)
    -    3 egg yolks
    -    1.5 liter of milk
    -    80 g raisins
    -    100g of sugar (white or brown)
    -    50g butter
    -    250g of corn flour
    -    100g of honey
    -    25 g almonds (peeled and minced)


    -    Add the lemon zest to the milk and put them in a saucepan to heat. When the milk starts to boil, lower the heat (almost to a minimum), remove the lemon and add the flour (stir well to avoid lumps) until the mixture thickens.

    -    Once the mixture is uniform, add the egg yolks with butter and sugar then add the almonds and raisins and continue stirring a few minutes. Then remove from heat and let it cool.

    -    You can eat it cold or temperate and to enrich it you can add a little honey (better if it is honey of Palma).

  • Rabbit in Sauce

    Rabbit in Sauce

    One of the most popular dishes of the typical Canarian cuisine is the rabbit in “salmorejo” sauce, whose origin is in Aragón, although in the Canaries is where it achieved its fame.


    -    1 rabbit of approximately one kilogram in weight
    -    Coarse salt
    -    6 garlic cloves
    -    A small pinch of paprika
    -    1 chili pepper
    -    Oil
    -    Vinegar
    -    Spices:  bay leaf, rosemary and thyme


    -    Cut the rabbit into medium pieces, place in a bowl and pour a little salt. Mash the garlic with some coarse salt and add to the mix the paprika and pepper.
    -    When everything is mixed, add a generous splash of oil and minor vinegar. Stir everything well. Pour this mixture on the rabbit, giving the pieces a few laps so are well covered. Then pour a glass of white wine on the rabbit and add a bay leaf, some rosemary and some thyme.

    -    Mix everything again and let it rest for a few hours (between four and twelve is recommended). Then fry the rabbit pieces in a pan. With the oil of the pan and the one left in the container of the rabbit make the sauce, simply mix everything and boil for a few minutes.

  • Gofio


    Gofio is a corn flour, which is first roasted and then ground. The history of gofio starts in the era of the guanches, the indigenous canarians, and forms a basic food for many cultures. 

    The guanches consumed the flour in its most basic form, kneaded with salt and water, or they used milk, honey and dried fruits. These days the flour is used the same way, but also prepared as a desert for example as ice cream or as mousse. Most commonly it is consumed with milk or as a part of a dish for example in sauces or as bread.

  • Barraquito


    The barraquito is a coffee, typical on the Canary Islands, but mostly popular in Tenerife. Normally it is served in a small glass and contains coffee, condensed milk and normal milk. There is also the Barraquito Especial with cinnamon, lime and a little bit of Licor 43 or Tía María. The barraquito has a strong sweet flavour and is usually consumed as a desert, after the meal.

    The name “Barraquito” has its origin in the Bar Imperial and the Quiosco Imperial, Santa Cruz, in the mid XX century, where a man with the nickname Barraco started drinking a coffee just like this one.

  • Canarian Wrinkly Potatoes

    Canarian Wrinkly Potatoes

    Canarian Wrinkly Potatoes are a very traditional dish in the Canary Islands. They are made from small new potatoes, which are cleaned, but not peeled and then cooked in highly salted water. The water is left to evaporate, which allows for that distinct salty skin to build up. The potatoes are usually accompanied by a meat or fish dish, or simply served with a spicy mojo sauce (pepper sauce).

    Due to the unique location of the Canary Islands, they were often used as a stopover for many travellers and were always exposed to an interchange of foods and culture. Many things were taken from the Canaries to the New Worlds and the other way around - potatoes being one of the most popular foods to stay. The wrinkly potatoes have their origin in a fish dish, which was cooked directly by the sea and so were the potatoes, using the salt water from the sea, which was then left to boil and built a salty skin on the wrinkly potatoes, but also seasoned the entire potato, even from within.

  • Bienmesabe Recipe

    Bienmesabe Recipe


    ·         ½ Kg of almonds

    ·         8 egg yolks

    ·         ½ kg of sugar

    ·         ½ Liter of water

    ·         1 lemon

    ·         Cinnamon



    First of all the almonds, which will be used later on, have to be peeled and ground. The second step is to add both water and sugar into a pan, in order to make syrup. The pan will be put on the hob and then cooked until the syrup is done. As soon as it is ready, the pan is taken off the hob and the cinnamon and the ground almonds are added to the syrup. Back on the hob, the mixture will be cooked and stirred until it is a glutinous mass. As soon as this point is reached the mixture has to cool down. Once it is cool the well beaten egg yolks are added and the whole mixture is cooked and stirred again.  After 5 minutes give the Bienmesabe into little bowls and enjoy whenever you want with ice cream or just by itself!

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