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Idyllic beaches are one of the most appealing tourist destinations

The beaches, one of the greatest attractions on the island of Tenerife, are distributed throughout the island. They have sand in every colour, from black sand to white Saharan sand.

A large number of the island's beaches have been awarded the Blue Flag, which recognises that they meet international standards for water quality, safety, provision of general services and environmental planning.

Visitors to the different beaches can switch off from the outside world, relaxing to the sound of the waves, while for more active visitors there are sports of all types on offer, such as jet skis, diving, windsurfing, etc.

  • La Caleta

    La Caleta

    La Caleta used to be a small fishing village in the South of the Island, near Costa Adeje and hasn’t lost its charm. The beach offers calm crystal clear waters and is easily reachable by bus. In the nearby area are many little tapas bars y restaurants to finish off the day at the beach nicely. 

  • Playa de la Tejita

    Playa de la Tejita

    Playa de la Tejita is situated between the small village Los Abrigos and El Medano. You can easily get there via bus or with your car; the parking area is a little bumpy, so watch out for that. Tejita is a beautiful natural beach with fine white sand and quite big waves. There is also a nudist area. Who spends the day there can conveniently visit the surfers paradise El Medano beforehand or afterwards as well.

  • Playa Bollullo

    Playa Bollullo

    The beach Bollullo is a beach in the North of Tenerife, in La Orotova, which is of black sand that originated from the volcano and it is one of the most beautiful on the entire island. The waves are quite high, which is great for surfers and there is also a little kiosk where you can buy refreshments.

  • Playa de las Teresitas

    Playa de las Teresitas

    When you are in the North of the island, you should visit the beach Playa de las Teresitas, a beach of a length of one and a half kilometers. The beach retains a natural beauty and is one of the nicest in the north, just outside of Santa Cruz.

  • Playa de Martiánez

    Playa de Matiánez

    Playa de Martiánez is a natural beach of black volcanic sand and a very traditional bathing area in Puerto de la Cruz. It was also the centre of the touristic boom in the 60’s of last century. There are two different areas on the same beach, one for to swim and one for those who enjoy surfing. 

  • Playa Jardín de Punta Brava

    Playa Jardín de Punta Brava

    Playa Jardín de Punta Brava is an especially nice coastal area in the north of Tenerife, because it is a combination of beaches, gardens and walkways designed by the artist Cesar Manrique. The beach has a length of 600 meters and a blue flag certification by the European Union.


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