• To be able to receive the discount for Canarian Resident, you have to proof your resident condition on the Canary Islands at the arrival. If you fail to do so, the price at the arrival date will be applied.

Pure relaxation with ocean views

The services and facilities provided by the Azules de Nivaria Spa are distributed throughout an ample space to ensure a peaceful setting that will let you immerse yourself in a world of wellbeing.

An exclusive spot where you can follow the water-based treatment package, benefiting from all of the properties of water, or enjoy a massage or treatment in one of our 11 treatment booths.

  • Treatment booths

    Treatment booths

    11 treatment booths, each designed to recharge your energy and equipped with Vichy shower, whirlpool bath and treatment bed. Also include physiotherapy and beauty therapy booths.

  • Flotation tank

    Flotation tank

    Total weightlessness, muscle relaxation and the possibility of switching off entirely from the outside world are just some of the benefits of flotation tanks. A pool with high salt concentration in the water, which lets you float and forget the world around you.

  • Foot spa treatment

    Foot spa treatment

    This walkway of small boulders on the ground with jets of cold and hot water at different pressures is ideal for stimulating the circulation of the feet and legs. At the same time it stimulates the pressure points that influence the rest of the body.

  • Jacuzzi


    Stimulating jets of water and bubbles in a mini whirlpool that help relax different muscles and parts of the body.

  • Steam room

    Steam room

    Pleasant, healthy steam bath at relatively low temperatures.

  • Tepidarium


    Warm, humid zone for relaxing on thermal loungers, helping you to switch off entirely from the outside world.

  • Sauna


    Deep heat that helps detox the body and cleanse the skin.

  • Therapy showers

    Therapy showers

    The different temperatures and the type of water pressure of each of the therapy showers are ideal for treating different parts of the body and stimulating the circulation.

  • Whirlpool


    The whirlpool provides a variety of water jets, massage fountains for the neck, underwater jets and jets for the body and feet at different intensities, all highly refreshing.

  • Cold plunge pool

    Cold plunge pool

    Fresh water at a temperature of between 8 and 15°C for a bracing dip after a sauna session, guaranteed to stimulate the circulation of the whole body.

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