• To be able to receive the discount for Canarian Resident, you have to proof your resident condition on the Canary Islands at the arrival. If you fail to do so, the price at the arrival date will be applied.

Massage, face and body treatments, thermal treatments, hydrotherapy and in-depth beauty routines


We offer a wide range of treatments, each with a different, specific aim: to stimulate, relax or tone body and mind. Enjoy the treatment of your choice under the care of our professional staff.

  • Packages


    The different packages have been designed for total relaxation, helping you escape the stresses of everyday life. Each package includes the sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi, cold plunge pool and a massage.

  • Targeted therapies

    Targeted therapies

    These therapies are designed to work on targeted areas of the body, providing very specific, spectacular results on the desired area.

  • Hydrotherapy


    Underwater treatments that help tone the body. Each treatment provides benefits intended for physical improvement.

  • Massage


    Each type of massage has a specific aim and all of them have huge physical and mental benefits. A relaxed body gives a relaxed mind.

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