• To be able to receive the discount for Canarian Resident, you have to proof your resident condition on the Canary Islands at the arrival. If you fail to do so, the price at the arrival date will be applied.

Your wellbeing is our priority.

You will find a wide range of treatments and massages at our beauty and cosmetic centre in the 4 star Hotel in Tenerife Colon Guanahani, each with a different, specific aim: to stimulate, relax or tone body and mind. Enjoy the treatment of your choice under the care of our professional staff.

  • Massage


    Each type of massage has a specific aim and all of them have huge benefits on both the physical and mental levels. A relaxed body brings on a relaxed mind.

  • Body wraps and peelings

    Body wraps and peelings

    Body wraps and peelings using seaweed or clay are an excellent aid to flushing out toxins by stimulating the metabolism.

  • Facial Treatments

    Facial Treatments

    Look after your skin with our facial treatments, which help regenerate and rejuvenate. We use the Ainhoa brand of beauty products in our centre. This is a top-quality cosmetics brand that helps us to get the excellent results we want.

  • Targeted therapies

    Targeted therapies

    These therapies are designed to work on targeted areas of the body, providing very specific, spectacular results on the desired area.

  • Indian – Abhyangam Massage

    Indian – Abhyangam Massage

    This purifying, detoxing massage provides stimulation on several levels: physical, emotional and mental.

  • Deep moisturising treatment

    Deep moisturising treatment

    A ritual that aids the hydration, nutrition and regeneration of dry or sun-damaged skins. It also helps prolong the tan you will acquire in the Tenerife sun.

  • Chocolate therapy

    Chocolate therapy

    Cocoa seeds contain more than 800 moisturising, toning, regenerative and revitalising molecules. A tempting option for our sweet-toothed visitors.

  • Pinda massage

    Pinda massage

    Pindas (heated fabric bags) help soothe pain, muscle tension, fatigue and any other symptom of stress. They also have a draining action and boost the circulation.

  • Hot stone massage

    Hot stone massage

    Massage using hot stones placed on the skin helps beat pain, relax the body and promote healthy sleep, as well as revitalising and oxygenating the skin, leaving it radiant.

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