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Víctor Suárez, from Jardines de Nivaria hotel, runner-up at the National Cocktail Competition

By | 18 May, 2018 | 4 comments


Víctor Suárez, our 2nd bar manager at the Jardines de Nivaria Hotel, was proclaimed runner-up in the 9th National Cocktail Competition of Spain, which took place on May 7 in Madrid.

The competition was organized by ORUJOS PANIZO with the support of the FABE (Federation of Associations of Spanish Barmans), and was held within the celebration of the Salón Gourmet.

With his MAI PANI TAI Cocktail, Victor Suárez managed to qualify for the final, as his recipe was in the top ten, out of a total of 110 mixtures presented. It is a Cocktail inspired by the Tiki world of Polynesia, characterized by its tropical, refreshing touch and because it is very striking, and full of notes of different flavors and spices. In his recipe, Víctor pays homage to MAI TAI, one of the most characteristic cocktails of this specialty, replacing the rum, so popular in the Tiki world, with grape liqueur from the Panizo brand, organizer of this competition.


The MAI PANI TAI is composed of:

Orujo de Hierbas Panizo
Rice cream with milk Panizo
Carrot, orange and lime juice
Pineapple juice
Orujo Tostado Panizo

To see Víctor in action, we recommend you to stop by the Tiffany Bar at Jardines de Nivaria, where you can also enjoy a wide range of cocktails.

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  1. sarah says:

    Muchas Felicidades Campeón ! Salut !
    Un fuerte abrazo de parte de Sarah U. y compañero/as de Roca Nivaria GH !

  2. Sandra Broomfield says:

    Victor makes cocktails that everyone loves to try

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