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12 Sep 2013

The fortunate islands

The fortunate islands

Have you ever been sunbathing on the beach with snowed mountains behind you? In few places you can experience this incredible moment of sun and snow, the island of Tenerife is one of these fortunate location.

The Canary Islands are known for its fabulous climate, which is characterized by an average temperature of 23 ° C throughout the year, mild summers and warm winters with trade winds.

The protagonists of the climate in the Canary Islands are the trade winds, these winds coming from the Northeast blow with more intensity from June to August. They are damp winds responsible for the formation of the sea of clouds, a phenomenon which is worth to see. The clouds stay between 600 and 1,800 meters due to the trade winds and the high winds, dry and warm, prevent the rise of the clouds.

At the same time, the trade winds create large weather differences in the coasts of our islands, for example in Tenerife, the East Coast that goes from Santa Cruz to Las Galletas is characterized by being very windy, allowing the practice of sports such as windsurfing or kitesurfing, especially in the village of El Medano, host of the World Cup. The West Coast is however, protected from these winds due to the high altitude of the mountains of Tenerife, and in particular the Teide.

The magnificent climate allows the practice of numerous sports of all type ( mountain, sea, or land).  Many athletes come to train on the island of Tenerife due to its pure air and the altitude of the mountains. There are a number of specialized centres  for the preparation of the athletes in the area of Costa Adeje, where are the hotels of Adrian Hoteles are located.

The geographical position of Tenerife, its high mountains and the trade winds create 11 different microclimates, from its snowy peaks, to the humid forests of the Anaga mountain to the desert climate of the beaches of Costa Adeje, all this in less than 80 km, it is as they say, a continent in miniature.

Why not enjoy these islands and their amazing climate with all luxury and details? We invite you to visit the island of Tenerife with Adrian Hoteles, located in Costa Adeje.

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